Low Cost Washing Machine & Dryer Leasing


Low Cost Leasing

When you choose Washtek to lease and manage your laundry rooms you will experience many advantages including:

Capital Conservation – by leasing, you can equip your laundry room facilities with no outlay of money.  If you have to buy equipment you may have to use money that could have been used for improvements in other areas of your condominium or apartment complex.  Leases require no up-front cost for equipment or installation, so it is likely you would be able to get more equipment or higher quality equipment than you could by buying.  You are also relieved of the problem of disposing of outdated Laundry Equipment.  In some cases, Washtek will even buy your existing equipment.

Predictable payments – with traditional revenue sharing options, Washtek is responsible for secure collections and payment of your percentage of revenue.  This eliminates your need to empty the machines, process and count the coins and trips to the bank to make deposits.

Cost Effective – equipment in itself is costly and can also incur unexpected breakdown, repair and maintenance costs.  The advantage of Leasing is that  the equipment is maintained and repaired by Washtek.

Service calls – not having to deal with service calls and resident complaints. Washtek will post laundry room signage that includes instructions to contact Washtek on-line or by phone.  All service calls placed by 10am are responded to the same day, or within 24 hours otherwise.

Convenience – by leasing you can enjoy the benefits and utility cost savings of an up-dated laundry room facility equipped with new, Energy Efficient washers and dryers without the cost or headaches.

Refunds – all refunds to residents are sent out within 72 hours of notification to Washtek.