Frequently Asked Questions

What length of agreement can we expect to enter into with Washtek?
The majority of agreements entered into today are between five and ten years, with the average being seven. The longer the agreement, the more generous the terms of the contract will be.

What percentage of the laundry revenue can we expect from Washtek?
How much Washtek pays out is determined by the revenue your laundry room is generating. The more revenue generated, the higher % Washtek will pay you. It can be as high as 75%.

With accepting a percentage of revenue; who oversees accountability?
With Washtek, you will have the assurance that all of our machines come equipped with non-resetable counters on them. With every revenue sharing check, Washtek will include a detailed report that shows each machines counter reading from the prior month and the current month.

What about up-front money and bonuses?
Although “up-front money” or “bonus money” might sound like a windfall, neither is what it seems. Both are discounted money paid at the beginning of the agreement that otherwise would be paid over the life of the agreement. Thus, the larger the “bonus” payment, decreases the revenue % shared to typically 50% vs. say 70-75% without a bonus.

What kind of energy savings do High-Efficiency washers offer?
HE washers can use as little as 20-50% of the energy used by traditional agitator washers because there is less water to heat, according to the Soap and Detergent Association (SDA).

How many gallons of water does the washer use?
Water usage varies by washer. However, the newer Front-Load washers use approximately 10-12 gallons, and the newer Top-Load washers use approximately 24-27 gallons of water.

How often are the vents cleaned?
Washtek will clean out the dryer vents every 6 months or sooner if needed.