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Strategies for your Success

Vend Pricing-what price do you charge your residents to do their laundry?  One of the biggest mistakes we see is when an owner of a property is over-charging their residents for the use of their on-site laundry equipment.  There is a fine line when determining what to charge your residents.  Most owners beleive that the more they charge the more revenue they will generate.  It’s almost always the opposite as residents will go to a local laundry mat or to their parents/relatives home to do their laundry if they feel they are being over-charged by their landlords.  Washtek has always been very pro-active in researching market rates all over San Diego County.  We know what local laundry mats and apartments are charging in any given neighborhood at all times.  Washtek trys to educate both owners and property managers to view their laundry room as an “extra ammentity” or “service” they are providing to their residents, and use resonable vend pricing to encourage their residents to stay on property to do their laundry.  This can contribute to higher monthly rents for the apartment units themselves vs. trying to get an extra quarter or two out of the washers and dryers!  Just another reason to outsource your laundry room to a professional vendor like Washtek.